Frozen/freeze Gel Packs

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Frozen / Freeze Gel Packs


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Ice pack (frozen / freeze gel pack) is made of high-tech biological materials, it is a replacement product for ice cube. Clean and non-toxic, high cold capacity, excellent cold insulation performance. Convenient and reusable, safe and sanitary, without any pollution, and Wide-range in application. Available for long-distance refrigeration and fresh keeping, medical treatment, low temperature storage and other fields.

①Refrigeration and maintaining freshness: for biochemical reagents, fruits, cold meat, cakes, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, ornamental fish and long-distance refrigerated or constant temperature transportation of fresh foods.

②Medical treatment and clinical trial: for patients with high fever, relieve pain and inflammation, cold compress for sprain and bruise, hemostasis.

③Low-temperature cold storage: storage and energy saving, maintain the cold energy inside the refrigerator for a certain period of time while it is out of power supply.

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Name Size Item Volume Brand Material QTY/CTN
100g ice pack 13*8cm BJS-BD-100A 100ml BJS PE+PA 200pcs
250g ice pack 18*11cm BJS-BD-250A 250ml BJS PE+PA 80pcs
500g ice pack 22*14.5cm BJS-BD-500A 500ml BJS PE+PA 40pcs

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details Ice Box Refrigerator Packing way: 
carton according to the size of product
Net Weight:14.0KGS
Gross Weight:14.5KGS
Delivery Detail: Samples confirm will cost about 10-15days before shipping


1.Cold storage: applied for biochemical reagents, fruits, fresh, cold meat, cakes, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, ornamental fish and fresh food during long-distance and constant temperature cold shipping.

2.Medical physiotherapy: for patients with high fever, anti-inflammatory, pain release for sprain or falls, hemostasis suppository and other adjuvant therapy.

3.Low temperature storage:save energy while the refrigerator is out of power supply and maintain a constant temperature inside the refrigerator for a certain period of time.


Put the ice packs into the freezer or refrigerator to pre-cooling for 12 hours, then take out for using as a frozen medium according to your needs.


1.Our ice packs are made of high-tech biological materials, clean & non-toxic, flexibility & colloidal.

2.Large cold capacity, excellent performance of cold insulation.

3.Wide application, safe and without pollution.