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Advantages of vacuum insulation panels, the status and core material distinction


Compared with other materials, VIP with its very low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation technology at the same time the thickness of thin insulation, small size, light weight advantages for higher energy-saving products, a greater technical and economic significance .


There are only a handful of domestic enterprises that develop vacuum insulation panels. The quality of domestic vip vacuum insulation panels is also somewhat different from that of foreign countries. However, due to the low cost and low-carbon economy made in China, we have a place in the market.

Core material distinction

vip vacuum insulation board core material mainly powder core material and fiberglass core material, powder core material to take silicon dioxide as the material of vacuum insulation board, thermal conductivity is relatively high, mainly used in the wall insulation; and glass core Material vacuum insulation board thermal conductivity is low, mainly used in refrigerators, freezers, refrigerated trucks energy-saving insulation. 

Shanghai Eight Roll Book New Material Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company dedicating to R&D vacuum insulation panel (VIP) and thermal packaging solutions. Besides that, we also manufacture roller bearings for refrigerators.

By far we have established three series of products, including insulation materials, cold chain transportation and home appliances accessories. 

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