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Application of VIP board in refrigerated equipment

The refrigerator adopts VIP heat insulation: Can save energy 10%~30%, and increase the effective volume 20%-30%. Although the price of VIP now is still high, but users use the refrigerator for 7-10 years saving electricity, the refrigerator is equivalent to the use of VIP insulation costs. The use of VIP insulation, in addition to economic significance, but also the refrigerator weight light, small size advantages. Refrigerator doors and freezers on the door, requiring light, wall thin, the use of VIP insulation has a greater technical and economic significance.

Refrigerated containers to maintain cryogenic materials: with PU or PF insulation, the insulation period is only 1-2 days; After the use of VIP insulation material, the insulation period extends to 4-5 days, so that the original must air cargo, can be converted to truck transport or train transport, substantially reduced transport costs.

Refrigerated insulation Box: In the same case of insulation items (1) with PU foam, dimension 57cmx50cmx50cm, insulation layer thickness 3.8 cm, inside the 21.8 kg coolant, insulation period 120 H; (2) when the VIP insulation, the exterior dimension 33cmx46cmx28cm, insulation layer thickness 2.5cm, 7 kg coolant, insulation period of 200 H. After adopting the VIP material, the insulation box volume decreases 70%, the coolant decreases 68%, while the insulation period extends 66%. Reduce the freight, improve the transport distance, the economic effect is obvious.