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Basic principles of Fireproof insulation board

1, Vacuum insulation board standard cement foam Fire Insulation Board Installation specification size for 1200x600, diagonal error < 2, insulation board with electric wire cutter or tool cutter cutting, dimensional allowable error of +1.5.

2, to increase the insulation board and the base of the bonding force, the insulation plate can also be machined into a groove, groove width 10 mm, deep 10 mm;

3, Fiber mesh bag, door and window openings, deformation joints on both sides of the insulation board on the pre-glued fiberglass mesh, total width 200, the width of the packet part of 80;

4, paste mortar on the back of the insulation board, the vacuum insulation adhesive mortar thickness of 3 mm, to ensure that the bonding firm, can be used point-viscosity and full-viscosity, and adhesive mortar area should not be less than the insulation board area of 40%;

5, the full adhesive method with tooth mouth trowel knife will adhesive mortar evenly to wipe the horizontal comb bar on the insulation board;

6, will wipe paste the insulation board paste mortar quickly on the wall, to prevent surface crust, lose adhesion, not on the side of insulation board coated adhesive mortar;