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Fiberglass Low Thermal Conductivity Vacuum Insulation Panel for Construction Material

Basic Info

Application: Refrigerator Parts

Thickness: 4-7mm

Thermal Conductivity: 0.03W/Mk

HS Code: 7019900

Type of Glass: E-Glass

Fiber Diameter: 0.3-4um

Density: 160-250kg/M3

Strength(N/M): 30-1200

Origin: China

Product Description

Advanced VIP core material Glassfiber Vacuum Insulation Panel for industrial refrigerators

Nano Fiberglass VIP core material is made from glass microfiber with diameter 0.4~3μm by wet laid process. It is characterized by light weight, low thermal conductivity, good flexibility, innocuity, noncombustibility, imputrescibility, aging resistance, stable chemical property and no contamination. This product is soft in texture, good at hand feel, easy to cut and for construction, applicable to the area with space restrictions and higher visual appearance requirement. It proves to be a kind of new high-grade material ideal for thermal insulation and sound absorption. The product is mainly used as the core of vacuum insulated panels.

Applications: civil and industrial refrigerators and freezers, cold storage,air conditioners, 

water heaters, shipping containers, nuclear containment ,drying machines, heating ovens

roasters, motorcycles, cars , trains, ships, etc.


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