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I Nuan Custom Instant Cold Pack Cool Pack Cooling Pack Ice PackBasic Info

Product Description

Supply Tyle: Commodity

Suitable for: Elderly, Children, Adult

Origin: China

Usage Mode: For external use

Type: Cold Pack

net weight:120g   200g 

material:natural ingredint

supply type:manufactory of ice pack

brand name:Inuan

features:1.wide usage

        2.used in long distance refrigerated transport for all kinds of biology freezing reagents,medicine,blood plasma,bacteria,seafood,poultry for export

        3.daily life cold preservation and electricity saving 

        4.medical treatment 

        5.sport :accident injury,wrench in training and matches

        6.has no peculiar smell,no side effects

        7.dispose with general daily rubbish

caution:do not eat ,it is not food