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Is using Aerogel and vacuum insulated panels to insulate my home recommended?

I work for a building insulator in Vermont, where we  get about 6200-6500 degree days of winter.

I've worked with silica aerogel directly before. There are other aerogels, and I imagine they share many of the same properties. Silica aerogel is very brittle. but it is also used for hard wear situations such as rocket nose cones. Any major twisting would be the main concern for damaging it. If your home was likely to experience major shifting or tremors, the aerogel might break.

Your best bet is to use conventional insulating materials such as polyisocyanurate rigid board foam or spray polyurethane foam. both can have R-Values up to 7 per inch. You do have to be aware of the potential for shrinkage in both of these materials though.

Vacuum insulated panels make the most sense in very small areas that have to be thiner than your walls. I.e. doors.

Aerogels work best for inside already rigid and translucent materials such as windows.