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Many uses of the vacuum

The mask is used as a preparation circuit for the Chrome film. Tapes, disks, semiconductor lasers, Josephson devices, charge-coupled devices (CCD) are also all kinds of films. In the display aspect, the video head, high-density video tape and the planar display device transparent conductive film, camera tube photoconductive film, the display tube screen aluminum lining, etc. are also used in vacuum coating preparation. 

In the components, in the vacuum evaporation of nickel-chromium, chromium or metal ceramics can make resistors, evaporation of aluminum, silicon oxide, titanium dioxide can be manufactured in plastics capacitors, evaporation selenium can be electrostatic copier toner cartridges, evaporation barium titanate can be made to create magnetostrictive components and so on. Vacuum evaporation can also be used to manufacture micro-bead coatings for superconducting films and inertial confinement. In addition, the jewelry, watches and clocks shell surface, textile metal pattern, silver silk, such as steamed decorative film, as well as the use of sputtering or ion plating on cutting tools, molds and other manufacturing Superhard film. The fabrication of titanium gold products by arc ion plating in vacuum adiabatic plate in the past two years, such as stainless steel sheets, mirror plates, Bao Zhu, handrails, high-grade bed brackets, stair railings are now prevalent.