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Polyurethane insulation composite board features

(1) Light weight: 6 ~ 14 kg per cubic meter. Easy to install, flexible, without large lifting equipment, short construction period, low overall cost.

(2) high carrying capacity: high strength, high stiffness characteristics, both for load-bearing structure and for retaining structure.

(3) good thermal insulation: the average thermal conductivity of 0.023w / (.k).

(4) good fire performance: the National Fire Building Materials Quality Supervision and Testing Center for testing, the tender reached GB 8624 B1 level.

(5) flexible to use: As a result of continuous production line full computer control, the length of the sandwich panel can be determined according to design requirements and transport installation conditions. For different roof load and distance can choose a different sandwich panel thickness.

Shanghai Eight Roll Book New Material Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company dedicating to R&D vacuum insulation panel (VIP) and thermal packaging solutions. Besides that, we also manufacture roller bearings for refrigerators.

By far we have established three series of products, including insulation materials, cold chain transportation and home appliances accessories. 

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