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Present situation of vacuum insulation board

Vacuum Insulation Board (VIP) Advantage:

Compared with other materials, VIP with its very low thermal conductivity, in the insulation technology requirements with the thickness of the insulation layer is thin, small size, light weight advantages, applicable to the high-saving requirements of products, has a greater technical and economic significance.

Fourth, Vacuum insulation Board (VIP) Status:

At present, the domestic research and development of vacuum insulation board is a handful of enterprises, domestic VIP vacuum insulation board quality and some differences abroad, but by virtue of China's low-cost and low-carbon economy of the concern, so that we have a foothold in the market.

Fifth, Vacuum insulation Board (VIP) Core material distinction:

At present, VIP vacuum insulation board distinguishes powder core material and fiberglass core material, powder core material adopts nano-meteorological silica as material vacuum insulation board, in the application of no environmental pollution, production and use of the human body without any harm, and fiberglass core material vacuum insulation board in the application has limitations;