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Production process and board type

Production process: The six-component automatic online mixing casting technology, one-time completion of the social ingredients center or factory mixing process, and can be automatically adjusted according to the temperature online to produce a distinctive high-strength, energy-saving, Green polyurethane insulation composite board

Plate type: (1) Cap-type composite plate 930 type

a. The exposed edge is treated by the overlapping edge process to avoid any harm to the construction workers.

In increasing the strength of the plate, but also extend the life of the plate.

b. Three peaks, greater strength, both the balance of water features.

(2) Laminated composite board 1000 type

a. The overlapped edge is overlapped, the street is more dense, avoiding the uncoated edge, prolonging the service life of the plate and increasing the strength.

b. 400mm peak height Three-wave design to improve the roof bearing capacity, reducing the use of roof purlins, increasing load capacity, both the role of balance of water.

c. Design from the sink to prevent seepage from happening.

(3) Socket type composite plate 930 type

a. Five side ladder form socket, socket tight.

b. Improve the utilization of steel, affordable.

(4) hidden composite board 1000 type

a. The use of dark nail-type connection, vertical row can be horizontal, tight plug, nail no direct heat conduction

b. The screws are hidden under the board to prevent rusting and ensure the overall aesthetic appearance

c. Connection handling Rational mechanical design, balanced by force, anti-wind pressure stronger.

(5) metal surface polyurethane cold plate

a, using a unique convex groove structure, improve the sheet socket at the airtight

b. Plate uniform and stable, good thermal insulation properties. Waterproof performance is good

c. Suitable for frozen food processing and refrigeration (aquatic products, poultry, poultry, prepared foods, vegetables, fruits), meat products manufacturing plants, food processing plants, assembly type cold storage, seed storage, biological and pharmaceutical products, dairy products storage Other places.

(6) Polyurethane Edge composite board

a. The use of polyurethane as a filler on both sides of the mouth reduces heat transfer and cuts off water leaks.

Anti-fire cotton only because of moisture absorption to reduce the strength and 

thickness foam sheet, widely used in construction, insulation, packaging, freezing, daily necessities, industrial casting and other fields; Extrusion board XPS insulation board Is extruded polystyrene insulation board, which is based on polystyrene resin as raw materials plus other raw materials and aggregates, through a special process of heating and mixing while injecting the catalyst, and then continuous extrusion extrusion molding and manufacturing Rigid foam board. Compared with the EPS board, XPS board is the third generation of rigid foam insulation materials, from the process to overcome the complex EPS board production process, with EPS board irreplaceable superior performance, XPS has a perfect closed-cell honeycomb structure, which The XPS board has a very low water absorption (almost no water absorption), moisture proof, airtight, light weight, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, high pressure resistance and aging resistance (almost no aging decomposition under normal conditions) Long service life and other excellent performance of energy-saving environmentally friendly insulation materials. However, these two products are organic materials with low fire rating, flammable, poor durability and the surface needs to be handled during construction, which is not easy to construct.

2.2 gypsum board

Currently on the market commonly used gypsum light wall plate variety is very large, it can not only be processed into single board, such as gypsum board partition wall, fiberglass board partition wall, reinforced plaster hollow slat wall and so on, and Can be made into composite sandwich panels. Because gypsum has the characteristics of fire prevention, light weight, sound insulation and good shock resistance, the gypsum board occupies a large proportion in the interior wall board, but because the gypsum is a gas-rigid material, the water resistance is poor. If the gypsum is used outside the exterior wall Insulation need to do waterproofing. Gypsum board plaster as the main raw material, mixed with the appropriate amount of additives and fiber as the core, a special cardboard to do nursing face, continuous molding, cutting, drying and other processing technology for non-load-bearing walls of the building , The inner wall and ceiling, can also be used for mobile homes, residential, shops, office buildings, etc .; fiberglass board is gypsum as the main raw material, glass fiber or paper reinforcement as reinforcing material, after paving, dehydration, Forming, drying and other processing, generally used for non-load-bearing inner wall, ceiling ceiling, interior wall veneer; gypsum hollow board is the most common gypsum board, which takes phosphogypsum as the main raw material, adding a small amount of reinforcing fibers , And cement, lime, fly ash and other auxiliary materials, pouring molding, dehydration drying made. Because of its advantages of light weight, high strength, thermal insulation, energy saving and environmental protection, and convenient construction, it is suitable for the non-load-bearing inner wall of high-rise building, light frame building and other types of buildings.

2.3 cement board

Cement board is a kind of building slab made of cement as the main raw material. 

as a binder, adding a certain amount of redispersible polymer powder, crack resistant fibers , Water repellent and other additives, mixing, foaming, forming and drying, standard curing into a regular shape of the product; and rockwool, polyurethane and other materials can be bonded with a specific adhesive into polystyrene particles insulation composite board. Fiber-reinforced composite insulation board can be large-scale prefabrication in the factory, assembled at the construction site, easy to mechanize, with good prospects. However, its production process is more complicated and the cost is relatively high. The company is located in:

2.6 composite wall plate

Composite wall insulation materials in recent years, a collection of wall insulation, load-bearing, decorative materials in one [4]. At present, the main composite wall sheet steel mesh sandwich class composite steel sheet, color sandwich panels, aerated concrete panels, concrete insulation board, fiber reinforced cement composite panels.

(1) Wire Mesh Cement sandwich composite sheet is two steel mesh will polyurethane, polystyrene, urea-formaldehyde resin foam, light rock wool or glass wool and other core material sandwiched between the two wire mesh to The "zig-zag" wires diagonally passed through the core material are connected to each other to form a stable three-dimensional truss structure which is then wiped on both sides with cement mortar or other decorative finishes. It is light and strong, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire, moisture, frost, shock and other high-quality performance, but its high thermal conductivity, poor durability, poor fire performance. Wire mesh cement sandwich composite sheet to ensure a certain insulation properties based on the thickness of the thin wall, reducing weight, can be used for building the inner wall, wall cladding, insulation composite exterior walls, floors, roofing And the construction of mezzanine.

(2) The color steel sandwich panel is made of rigid foam or rockwool as the core material, colored pressure-type galvanized steel sheets are adhered on both sides, and the surface of the exposed color steel plate is coated with advanced colored plastic coating. Caigang sandwich panels can be automated production, with overall performance, seismic performance, construction speed, beautiful appearance, flexible and so on, but its high thermal conductivity, poor fire performance, and more for all types of industrial buildings Canada, large span and activity room.

(3) The full name of aerated concrete aerated aerated concrete slab, is based on silicon and calcium materials as the main raw material, aluminum powder for the gas material, together with the corrosion treated steel mesh, by adding water and stirring, Pour molding, pre-cut cutting, autoclaved cured porous plate. Aerated concrete slab has a good non-flammable properties, to heat insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, moisture, frost, shock, etc., but its quality is heavy, high-rise construction more difficult. Roofing, non-load-bearing walls and internal partitions for civil and industrial buildings, but also exterior wall panels, exterior walls not under building moisture barriers, and long-term immersion 

industry has brought unprecedented opportunities.

Building exterior insulation board is just the beginning of the past two years an industry, in addition to municipalities, capital cities and other economically developed cities, the state began mandatory requirements for residential and public buildings must be energy-efficient insulation, the majority of the country Cities at or below the prefecture level have not yet explicitly requested it. In the capital cities and other places, many places are just beginning to respond to the state's policies to promote energy-saving insulation board, the country still exists most of the blank market. Even in Beijing and Tianjin, which have already popularized the construction of insulation wall panels outside their buildings, competition in the market has just begun. It is still in its infancy and competition is not overly fierce.

In a variety of external wall insulation board constantly flooding the market, should vigorously develop the light high-strength, thermal insulation, fire retardant, durable, green new insulation sheet, such as should be vigorously develop the current use of the building facade Less vacuum insulation panels, fire-rated fiber reinforced composite insulation board, multi-functional composite insulation board. Exterior insulation board industry has the obvious characteristics of the sunrise industry: Emerging industries, industry development faster, higher profits, the market demand, broad prospects for development.

4. Conclusion

Increasing energy crisis, building energy efficiency is imminent. Vigorously develop new types of exterior insulation panels, combined with reasonable and effective use, will eventually achieve the goal of building energy efficiency 65%.

insulation properties.

b. High-density core material to ensure good thermal insulation.

c. Tongkou both sides of the rigid polyurethane foam filled to enhance the overall strength, to prevent the mouth mouth deformation.

d. Fire cotton spinning 90 degrees, so that the cotton fiber and the board into a vertical state, and enhance the compressive tensile strength.

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