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Study on vacuum test of vacuum insulation board

The Vacuum insulation Board (VIP) is mainly dependent on its internal vacuum to improve its adiabatic performance. Because the thermal conductivity is the most important physical parameter characterizing the adiabatic performance of vacuum insulation board, accurately measure the thermal conductivity of the vacuum insulation board, it is helpful to apply the vacuum insulation board to the occasion that needs adiabatic insulation and calculate its thermal load, and provide the basis for selecting refrigeration equipment or heating equipment. 

In the study of vacuum insulation test technology, this paper is devoted to the research of vacuum insulation test method based on thermal infrared technology, mainly using buried thermal radiation device, energy by external nondestructive coupling to provide, using infrared thermal image processing technology and combining the circuit control system to realize the vacuum insulation of the vacuum test. The experiment shows that the infrared detection technology is feasible to measure the vacuum degree, the detection speed is fast, the detection result is reliable, and the research of thermal infrared detection technology is beneficial to promote the development of the rapid vacuum measurement technology in China.