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Surveying and Mapping Core Publications Submitted for the development of our external wall insulation board and prospects

1. Exterior insulation board definition

Insulation board is to shape the general insulation mortar conservation, made of board use, and then through a number of anchors and adhesive to make it fixed in the construction and maintenance of the outer surface of the knot form a thermal insulation system. Insulation plate high quality light, heat insulation, it can be prefabricated in the factory, to achieve mass production and improve labor productivity; but also in the construction site cutting, assembly, improve construction efficiency. Reasonable and effective use of insulation plates, well-constructed insulation system, will achieve the purpose of building energy efficiency.

Exterior insulation board's main role is to keep the building's internal temperature is always in the best condition, while minimizing energy loss, that is, heat. Exterior insulation panels to protect the appearance of the building "package" to meet the thermal insulation properties of buildings at the same time, greatly extending the life of the building. Exterior insulation board is the best new building exterior protection system, but also the best old building maintenance system. With the rapid economic development in our country, the housing construction industry has also made remarkable achievements. The exterior wall insulation board has been widely used in the building construction of our country.

2. Domestic and foreign wall insulation board development

Before the 1980s, China's external wall insulation technology developed quite slowly, light insulation board species is also very small, but after some domestic research institutes and research workers more than 30 years of unremitting efforts, especially in the past 20 years, construction The development of exterior light insulation board has made a qualitative leap, and the insulation board has made tremendous development in specifications, quality, quantity, performance and application. This article selected several mainstream wall insulation board varieties to briefly explain the development of China's exterior wall insulation sheet.

2.1 polystyrene foam sheet

Styrofoam sheet is divided into expansible EPS board and continuous extrusion XPS board two. EPS board (also known as benzene board) is an abbreviation of expandable polystyrene board, which is made from the raw material through pre-hair, aging, molding, drying and cutting. It can be made into different density, different shapes of foam products, but also can produce a variety of different 

It is a kind of building slab that can be freely cut, drilled and engraved between gypsum board and stone, and is superior to gypsum board, wood board Fire, water, corrosion, pest control, noise performance and much lower than the price of stone and become the construction industry widely used building materials. Cement board both prefabricated, but also cast-in-place, widely used in building exterior walls, partitions, floors and roof panels. However, due to the large thermal conductivity (1.52W / (m · K)) of ordinary concrete, which has a large wall heat loss value, which can not meet the energy-saving requirements of buildings well. Therefore, such boards need to be heat-insulated. The usual practice is to add gas, foam, adding lightweight aggregate or made of sandwich composite panels to achieve thermal insulation, to achieve the purpose of building energy efficiency. The typical representative of cement board is foam cement board, the main material is ordinary Portland cement, adding hydrogen peroxide, calcium, polypropylene fiber, fly ash and cement blowing agent mixing foam [2] . Foam cement insulation board is currently on the market wall insulation and wall insulation fire insulation tape ideal insulation material, which has a low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation effect is good, waterproof and fireproof, strong adhesion with the wall, high strength, no Poisoning radioactive substances, environmental protection and other advantages, to meet China's hot summer and cold winter building maintenance structure energy-saving 65% of the requirements.

2.4 expanded perlite sheet

Expanded perlite sheet is expanded perlite as light aggregate, cement, etc. as a cementitious material, by adding a certain amount of additives, by mixing, forming dry, at room temperature curing the regular shape of the plate. Expanded perlite sheet heat resistance, good sound absorption, low thermal conductivity, non-flammable, good corrosion resistance, but also has electrical insulation, but its volume shrinkage, high water absorption, easy to open drum cracking, post-insulation The effect will decline, more for the building envelope insulation.

2.5 fiber reinforced composite sheet insulation

Fiber reinforced composite insulation board is a new type of external wall insulation board, with light high strength, good thermal insulation properties, high bond strength, good fire performance, weathering, etc., not only to overcome the expansion of perlite sheet water absorption , The volume shrinkage during mixing is large, the effect of the late thermal insulation is reduced and the hollow drum is easily cracked, and the defects of the polystyrene foam sheet, such as poor durability, flammable, poor fireproof performance and harmful gases generated at high temperature, are also made up. In addition, fiber reinforced composite insulation board with polystyrene insulation mortar compared to solve the polystyrene insulation mortar winter should not be the construction of the problem, to avoid the workers in the field of mixing construction. Such boards can be used as a single insulation material is to polystyrene particles as a light aggregate to cement, gypsum, lime and fly ash 

and chemical attack environments.

(4) The concrete composite thermal insulation board is a new type of construction board made of steel frame, reinforced rib, foamed cement core material, steel wire mesh, upper and lower high-strength cement surface layers (including glass fiber mesh). Concrete composite insulation board, high strength, good thermal insulation properties, excellent seismic performance, easy construction, good dimensional stability, and has good non-flammable properties, but the durability of the insulation is poor, post-insulation effect is difficult to guarantee. Mainly for the assembly of residential buildings and the overall construction of prefabricated plate column structure buildings.

(5) Fiber reinforced cement composite board [1] is based on the cement paste, mortar or concrete as a matrix, with non-continuous short fibers or continuous filament as a reinforcing material, add water mixing, casting, pre-cut Wall plate. Fiber reinforced cement composite board thickness, light weight, high tensile strength and impact strength, resistance to hot and cold, free from the impact of climate change, easy processing, non-flammable, but the combustion will produce toxic gases, harmful to humans. Because of its rich shape, shape and appearance of the external surface of the line is diverse, crisp, easy installation and construction, it is widely used in various types of building wall plug-in protection board.

2.7 vacuum insulation panels

Vacuum Insulation Pane (VIP) [5] is a kind of vacuum insulation material, which is made of composite materials with good heat insulation materials (such as glass fiber, fumed silica, polyurethane, etc.) As a result, it can effectively avoid heat convection caused by air convection, and thus significantly reduce the thermal conductivity, generally less than 0.0035W / (m · K), only polyurethane rigid foam 1/4 ~ 1/6 , And does not contain any OD (Ozone Depleting) materials, is the world's most advanced and efficient insulation materials. Low thermal conductivity of vacuum insulation panels, light high-strength, easy construction, and relatively thin, can be used for insulation within the outer wall, saving the use of area. However, the high cost of vacuum insulation panels, only in refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, refrigerated containers and other fields of application, in the building insulation market has not yet promoted to open, in its infancy.

3. China's wall insulation board development prospects

With the development of exterior insulation board market, insulation board industry will gradually become standardized, technology, products, brands, channels, competitive environment will be improved. China's building energy efficiency standards from the previous 30% to 50%, Beijing, Shanghai and some other cities require a level of energy efficiency standards of 65%. As the promulgation of this standard by the relevant state departments attach great importance to all over the real estate, construction industry focused on the deployment of a number of relevant policies, and even non-compliance of the building will not pass the audit. This gives the entire exterior wall insulation 

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