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The characteristics of foam insulation board with vacuum insulation

1 Light weight: The dry bulk density of the vacuum insulation board is 300-1600KG/M3, which is equivalent to the 1/5~1/8 of ordinary cement concrete, which can reduce the overall load of the building.

2 Integrity: On-site pouring construction, with the main project of close integration, do not need to leave the boundaries of the seam and breathable pipes. Cement foaming

3 Low-bomb damping: The porous cement foaming makes it low elastic modulus, so that it has good absorbing and dispersing effect on impact load.

4 Sound insulation: Cement foam insulation board contains a large number of independent bubbles, and evenly distributed, sound absorption capacity for 0.19, is 5 times times the ordinary concrete, with effective sound insulation function.

5 compressive Resistance: compressive strength is 0.6-25.0MPA.

6 Water resistance: the water absorption of the cast-in-situ cement foam is small, the vacuum insulation board is relatively independent of the closed bubble and good integrity, so that it has a certain waterproof performance.

7 Durability: The same life as the main project.