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The use and use of glass fiber cloth?

Fiberglass cloth is a fabric made of glass fibers (see inorganic fibers). With insulation, thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, non-combustion, high temperature resistance, high strength and other properties, it is mainly used as insulation material, glass fiber reinforced material, chemical filter cloth, high pressure steam insulation glass cloth material, fireproof products, high elastic transmission belt, construction Materials and wall coverings, etc. Glass is brittle, and coarse glass fibers are easily broken during weaving. Therefore, the fiber diameter generally used for weaving glass cloth is 3.8 to 15.5 micrometers. Glass fibers can be made into filaments and spun yarns. Filaments are high-temperature melt spinning of the raw materials used, similar to the spinning of general synthetic filaments; short fibers are made by flowing the melt through orifices and then being blown by compressed air or high-pressure steam jetting, and then Bundles, twists, and twists into glass spun yarns. The method of weaving the glass cloth is the same as that of the general cotton fabric. The coated fabric is usually made of a resin or the like, or a printed glass cloth may be made of a paint or the like.

Glass fiber cloth use:

It is mainly used for anti-corrosion, thermal insulation, flue gas ducts, European-style, lightweight wallboards, sandstone murals, FRP products, and other GRC components such as cement gypsum, heat-insulating board composite panels, and movable boards and walls.

 Glass fiber usage:

 1 Anti-corrosion: Derusting the pipeline first, and coating the outer layer of the pipeline with suitable density fiber cloth and asphalt coating or other products at the same time. Generally two or three layers.

2 Insulation: After the anticorrosive treated pipe is wrapped with insulation or insulation pipe, use a fiber cloth with a suitable width and density, and wrap it around the outside of the insulation layer and then brush or coat the asphalt cloth directly.

 Glass fiber cloth characteristics:

 Anticorrosion, buried in the ground will not rot, will not be weathered in the air, not afraid of water, afraid of the sun.