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Use of vacuum insulation panels

At present, the external wall insulation materials used in good insulation effect, most of the fire performance is poor, fire performance is good, most of the insulation effect is poor, therefore, the vacuum insulation board how to balance and fire insulation material production enterprises to become the key point of material upgrading.

At present, many enterprises have been actively innovating technology and developing new products. From the energy-saving, Vacuum insulation board is the most energy-saving materials of all insulation advantages. From the material different heat transfer coefficient can distinguish the material energy-saving insulation is superior and inferior. It has the lowest heat transfer coefficient, the best heat preservation and energy saving; from the protection environment, the glass silk cotton insulation material is low smoke, low poison new material, does not pollute the environment, even if the fire, because it has the high-efficient carbonization layer protection, the environment plays the protective effect; glass silk material has a solid bonding, stability, good material covering, exterior walls will not occur peeling, leakage and other security problems, can form a good and dense insulation and sound insulation, vibration and other ancillary functions, is livable ideal green building materials.