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Vacuum Insulation Board

The Vacuum insulation Board (VIP board) is the abbreviation of English VacuumInsulationPanel, is a kind of vacuum insulation material, is composed of filler core material and vacuum protection surface compound, it effectively avoids the heat transfer caused by air convection, so the thermal conductivity can be substantially reduced, less than 0.003w/m ². K. And does not contain any ODS material, with environmentally friendly and efficient energy-saving characteristics, is currently the world's most advanced high-efficiency insulation materials.

In recent years, the domestic manufacturing and use of VIP improved refrigerator insulation layer, the entire refrigerator manufacturing seems to scratch a wave of VIP application test, again, some developed countries abroad to the VIP research and use has been more than 10 years of history, as well as the rise of China's manufacturing industry 20th century and the promulgation of national energy-saving policy implementation, VIP This super new type of insulation materials are being paid attention by businessmen, the market prospects are broad.

VIP is mainly used for thermal insulation, such as household refrigerators, yacht refrigerators, mini refrigerators, car refrigerators, deep cold freezers, electric water heaters, vending machines, freezers, refrigerated containers, building wall insulation and LNG storage and transportation.