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Will vacuum panel insulation ever be affordable enough to use in homes? Increasing energy efficiency. Low thermal conductivity.

Panasonic’s high performance vacuum insulation panels (VIP), with very low thermal conductivity, has achieved one of the highest levels of heat insulation performance. The products performs approximately 20 times better than standard urethane foam and 38 times greater than glass wool, which enables high insulation performance in a thin form. The core structure, made using a proprietary molding technology, is wrapped in laminate film to create a low vacuum inside and control thermal conduction. Our vacuum insulation panels use a proprietary lining molding technology coupled with improved insulation performance of the lining, to boost overall insulation performance to the level of a full-vacuum thermos, despite the low-vacuum environment. This major improvement prevents energy loss from heat transfer in household and other appliances.


Highly versatile (R-60 per inch)

High insulation performance for energy savings

High heat resistance core material

High recyclability

Environmentally friendly: made with 75% recycled glass

Ideal for spacious yet compact appliances


Appliances: Refrigerators, freezers, thermo pots, water heaters, rice cookers, vending machines

Homes: flooring, toilet heating, bath tubs and covers, storm doors, hot water tanks

Shipping and Transport: shipping containers, train cars, marine containers

High precision machineries

Products in which heat leakage significantly affects performance Vacuum Insulation Panel