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China Should Strengthen The Research And Development Of Exterior Wall Insulation Material

China is currently the world's most high-rise building countries, China's high-rise and ultra high-rise building has exceeded the world's high-rise building. According to statistics, there are currently 162,000 high-rise buildings in the country, and over 100 meters of ultra high-rise buildings have more than more than 1500, this is only the current situation, in the next few years, China will continue to build about 100,000 high-rise buildings. 

These figures will bring enormous profit space to the exterior wall insulation material of our country, but the fire safety of exterior wall insulation material has not been solved substantively, but also a worldwide problem. Accelerate the introduction of my foreign insulation materials fire safety performance new standards. Before the enactment of the new standards, the Ministry of Public Security, the Department of Residence and Construction of the joint promulgated No. 46th as the sole implementation of the basis; the combustion performance of exterior insulation material of civil buildings should be a class A, and should not be lower than the B2 level; At the same time, the relevant administration departments should strengthen the construction of external insulation materials production enterprises and market supervision, strengthen the external insulation construction of fire safety management.