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Classification Of Exterior Wall Insulation Materials

Generally speaking, the external wall insulation materials according to the chemical properties, can be divided into inorganic wall insulation materials and organic insulation materials of two kinds of exterior wall. At the same time, according to the fire level, can also be divided into:

1, a level of non-combustible materials, mostly inorganic insulation materials, such as STP fire insulation board, glass beads insulation mortar, rock wool Board, glass wool board.

2, B1 level refractory materials, mostly organic materials, adding a larger number of flame retardants, such as polystyrene, extruded plates, phenolic plates, polyurethane panels.

3, B2 grade can flame retardant materials, also known as flame retardant materials, many for organic insulation materials, add a moderate amount of flame retardants.

No. 65th documents explicitly prohibit the use of Class B materials, child a class products of mortar for the basic requirements of high, otherwise easy to pan-alkali; color comparison monotonous, anti-aging is not very good; the market cognition is low and the development market is difficult. Rock wool Board high Cost, great harm to human body, there is a carcinogenic problem, long-term inhalation of rock wool dust can lead to bronchial inflammation and emphysema, contact dermatitis and other symptoms, and easy to absorb water, especially in the south of the rainy place, the absorbent relatively high, prone to wall falling.