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Cold Chain Passive Packaging Savings Through Reuse

In today’s marketplace, biopharmaceutical companies are seeking improvements that lead to reductions in overall supply chain costs. With the ever increasing dimensional weight pricing, companies are going to be looking even more closely at cost saving supply chain ideas. When it comes to the packaging solutions used to ship temperature-sensitive materials, biopharmaceutical companies are considering the implementataion of reusable packaging programs.

It is imperative that a reuse program not only protect the efficacy of the payload by ensuring the thermal integrity of the shipping solution, but that it also provides a program cost savings. Prior to a company initiating a reuse program, it is important to understand and analyze the full scope of the economic impact. With reuse, the expected reduction in the quantity of newly purchased shipping solutions required would seem to result in guaranteed procurement savings. This is an oversimplification and the decision process is much more complex.

Source: CSafe Global