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Environmental Protection And Energy Conservation Should Start From Building Energy

At present, the world attaches great importance to the application of insulation materials in the construction industry, its advantages are also obvious, not only can reduce the loss of energy, reduce environmental pollution, but also can reduce the quality of external insulation materials and caused by the poor, loss of casualties and State property. Therefore, the building insulation materials market will continue to expand, and all developed countries to take measures to make the country's building energy consumption substantially decreased.

In Denmark, for example, the heating area increased by 30% 1985 compared with 1972, but the energy consumption decreased by 3.18 million tons of standard coal. Heating energy consumption accounted for the proportion of total energy consumption from 39%% to 28%, which shows the remarkable social and economic benefits obtained by thermal insulation materials. Therefore, the development and application of building insulation materials are more and more popular in the world, and actively develop green insulation material products, from raw materials preparation, product production and use and future treatment problems require the maximum saving resources and reduce the environmental hazards. New insulation materials are springing up.

Environmental protection, energy-saving horn has sounded, rapid economic development requires this new rebellion in the fight without smoke must win, high quality economic benefits of STP fire Insulation board to make it the market leader in insulation materials, doomed to the numerous coatings will be able to stand out, become the new era of insulation material market darling.