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Exterior Insulation Technology Of Exterior Wall

At present, the country vigorously develops the exterior wall insulation material is because in the present building, the large use exterior wall enclosure structure heat loss is too big, and the project cost is quite high. Therefore, the development of external wall insulation materials can not only help the country greatly conserve energy, but also to the living User a good environment, bring more benefits.

Characteristics of STP Fireproof Insulation board

1, the thermal conductivity is very low, the thermal conductivity is less than 0.008w/(M.K), its insulation effect can reach the regular polystyrene board 6-8 Times, is extruded plate 4-5 times, is the polyurethane 3.5 times times.

2, a level fire does not burn.

3, the unit area of light quality, the wall thickness of high safety coefficient.

4, with the adhesive mortar and the adhesive strength of the surface mortar high, there will not be regular external wall insulation series of cracking, seepage, shedding phenomena, the use of life and the same lifetime of buildings.

5, the material itself is good thermal stability, thermal expansion coefficient small, there is no conventional organic insulation material heat shrinkage.

6, with excellent waterproof function, used in roofing can completely replace waterproof material, to achieve the double effect of insulation and waterproof.