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Five Performance Appraisal Quality Is Good Or Bad

Insulation material is a constituent material of building insulation system, therefore, the research on wall insulation and fire protection technology must consider the performance and suitability of all components from the system. Judging the suitability of a thermal insulation material to the building project, the following 5 aspects are mainly considered from the technical perspective.

First, the thermal insulation performance, the lower the thermal conductivity of materials, the thinner the design thickness, the thermal conductivity of more than 0.045W (M2K) thermal insulation products, basically not possible for high-energy requirements of the building.

Second, dimensional stability, insulation materials should have good dimensional stability, if used in engineering plates prone to warping deformation, it is easy to cause cracks in the exterior surface seepage.

Thirdly, the absorbent energy, the insulation material in the water-absorbing state can be drastically reduced, so the insulation materials used in engineering should be low water absorption.

Fourth, the quality of reliability, common insulation plates, fixed size, insulation performance is also very stable, with reliable protection.

Fifth is the construction convenience, at present, many new materials do not have the corresponding construction convenience.