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Influence Analysis Of Vacuum Degree On Thermal Insulation Performance Of Vacuum Insulation Panel

Vacuum insulation panel (VIP) is a super-insulated thermal insulation material, thermal conductivity can reach 0.002W / (m.K), VIP thickness is thin, the general thickness of about 17mm. Such a low thermal conductivity insulation material thickness than the conventional insulation material is much smaller. VIP has a wide range of applications, has been applied to the refrigerator, cold storage, refrigerated containers, medical incubators and other fields. Vacuum insulation plate insulation effect and the degree of vacuum inside the board, as well as the core material related to today's China insulation network Xiaobian vacuum on the vacuum insulation board insulation performance were analyzed.

Influence of Vacuum Degree on Thermal Insulation Performance of Vacuum Insulation Panel

VIP's core material is mostly powder or fibrous, in the process of thermal conductivity, the heat of the gas led a great role, if the core was pumped into a vacuum, then you can significantly reduce the VIP core layer thermal conductivity. If the pressure of the gas is reduced to a certain extent, the apparent thermal conductivity of the VIP core will be maintained as a constant.

Of course, the apparent thermal conductivity and the size of the core layer of the material and its particles, we 30 ~ 80 head of pearl sand, thermal insulation on both sides of the hot and cold temperature were 77K and 300K as an example, the apparent thermal conductivity and Gas pressure is low, that is, between the pressure of 1 ~ 103Pa, the thermal conductivity almost with the pressure line changes, that is, with the pressure drop, thermal conductivity will decline. When the pressure is less than 1Pa, the thermal conductivity depends entirely on the radiation heat transfer and the thermal conductivity of the solid due to the thermal conductivity of the gas molecules and the thermal conductivity of the solid, and the thermal conductivity tends to constant 456.