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So, you're probably asking: "What are vacuum insulation panels (VIPs), and why should I care about them?"

Look around. Vacuum insulation panels, or VIPs, are already a part of everyday life. They can be found in your home where insulation is a factor, like the entry doors or walls of your refrigerator. They pass you each day in insulated refrigerated trucks or in boxes. They are built into high-rise constructions. They even keep your soda cool inside vending machines.

Wherever cold and hot matter, VIPs are on-hand to provide a superior energy-efficient option for insulation. Simply put, VIPs are barrier envelopes with a filler material that have been vacuum-sealed to provide maximum energy efficiency. They come in various sizes and fit easily into small spaces, where size also matters.

Do other forms of insulation fit this description? Some do, but none do the job like VIPs. In fact, VIPs outperform their competitors - like blown-in insulation - for efficiency by six to ten times. What's more, because of their size, they help to reduce the overall footprint of their application, and maximize the space around them.

Interested in saving energy for the long-term? Minimizing space requirements in an ever-growing world? Look for BJS VIPs to change the future.

Why should I choose VIPs over other insulation options?

Vacuum insulation panels offer a thermal resistance up to ten times greater than most commonly used forms of insulation, such as Styrofoam, and six times that of polyurethane, which translates into higher insulate values, reduced thickness of insulation and lower overall cost. They are flexible to suit unique applications and highly durable - including water and air resistant - to prolong the life and energy efficiency of the application. From initial engineering stages through product improvement, they are backed by industry leadership and commitment to exceptional customer care.

How long do VIPs last?

Our panels are in products that have been in operation for more than ten years with no known failures due to panel performance. We design our products to the most stringent life test protocol to ensure the longest life. Our best product boasts nearly 90% performance retention over 10 years, leading the industry.

What are the advantages of choosing over a foreign producer of VIPs?

BJS Tech is the global leader in vacuum insulation technology and application. Not only has BJS Tech been at the forefront of pioneering this technology stateside for more than 15 years, we have years of product development and manufacturing expertise in diverse markets as well as a tremendous capacity as a producer, virtually more than any other producer globally. Our product lead times, responsiveness to your individual needs, consistent product performance and ability to manage large and small volume demands efficiently are all customer benefits. Our approach to customer satisfaction is understanding your need and if our solution is the best value for you. At BJS Tech, our business is based in exceptional customer care - not just the bottom line.

What is the value to an end user as a result of purchasing products using BJS VIP technology?

With BJS Tech, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are able to design and build products previously unachievable in commercial and industrial applications. End users routinely benefit from reduced power consumption, more usable space in an existing footprint, far greater achievable hold times, and overall reduced operating cost through high thermal efficiency.

What should I look for when evaluating VIP technologies?

Numerous factors should be considered when evaluating VIPs. Product life is a key characteristic in determining the best product for your application. Initial performance can be a false indicator of true product performance. Our staff of industry experts can guide you through this process.