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Research Of Vacuum Level Of VIP

Vacuum insulation panels (VIP) rely mainly on its internal vacuum to improve its thermal insulation properties. Since the thermal conductivity is the most important physical parameter to characterize the thermal insulation performance of vacuum insulation panels, the accurate measurement of the thermal conductivity of the vacuum insulation panels will help Vacuum insulation panels used in insulation applications need to estimate the occasion of its thermal load, the system for the selection of refrigeration equipment or heating equipment to provide the basis. In the study of the vacuum degree of vacuum insulation panel technology, this paper is devoted to the study of a method of vacuum degree detection of vacuum insulation panels based on thermal infrared technology, mainly using embedded heat radiation devices, energy provided by external non-destructive coupling, infrared heat Image processing technology and the combination of circuit control system to achieve the vacuum insulation panel vacuum detection. Experiments show that the infrared detection technology is feasible to measure the degree of vacuum, the detection speed is fast and the test result is reliable. The research of thermal infrared detection technology is helpful to promote the rapid development of vacuum technology in China.

Today, the energy crisis is getting worse and the energy cost is rising day by day. Energy conservation and emission reduction have become the common problems all over the world. Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) is an advanced energy-efficient product that is based on the principle of vacuum insulation. It achieves the purpose of heat preservation and energy saving by maximizing the vacuum in the panel and filling the core insulation with insulation . However, VIP performance testing is a problem, its performance is good or bad depends on the level of vacuum inside the board. VIP can not open the hole, the vacuum chamber is narrow, the common detection technology can not be used, so you must pass a special detection technology to VIP performance identification, thus ensuring the production of VIP products to meet quality requirements.