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Strengthening Supervision And Management Of Building Insulation Materials

According to the Ministry of Residence issued the spirit of notice, all localities should accurately understand and grasp the relevant provisions, the practical implementation of the requirements, strengthen and improve the construction of fire safety management, in the bud, to reduce the occurrence of fire accidents.

Notice requirements, all localities should be strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions, strengthen the construction site and building insulation materials supervision and management. The combustion performance grade of the insulation material should conform to the standard specification. The on-site sampling inspection should be carried out, and the insulation material should be kept away from fire, the open storage should be covered with non-combustible material, or the insulation material is applied to the construction site. The use of non-conforming national standard specification and non-standard external wall insulation material is strictly prohibited. Strictly the construction process management, all kinds of energy-saving insulation project to be strictly in accordance with the design of the construction, according to the provisions of the Fire prevention and protection layer; hot work to arrange the construction of energy-saving insulation before, insulation materials to the section, each sector should maintain adequate fire spacing ...

Aiming at the fire safety management of the existing building energy-saving renovation project, the public building is not allowed to carry out the construction work of the insulation material during the business and the use; The residence building should evacuate the resident personnel before the Reformation, and arrange the fire safety patrol, strictly separating the fire welding operation and the insulation construction.