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The Significance Of Vacuum Insulation Board For Construction Industry

It is estimated that in European countries, energy-saving renovation of old buildings and the use of VIP (domestic STP insulation materials) in the new building energy-saving, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 8 percent. Moreover, the insulation thickness is minimal, and recyclable, therefore, the STP board supplies than the general insulation board is much lower, the development of application of STP board, that is, energy-efficient, and save a lot of resources, to promote the intensification of our building, environmental protection has great significance. In the winter temperature in Shenyang-20 degrees, using the STP Board of higher energy-saving buildings farewell to the traditional 49 walls and ordinary thickness of insulation (insulation thickness 120mm, 70 percent energy). 

Easy to reach the insulation value, and this thin wall energy-saving building lighting quality and view of the landscape is far greater than the thick wall construction, because the thin wall building will let developers have greater profits, so these factors to promote the North cold area of China's low-energy building development has a positive impact and role.