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Three Major Factors That Affect Thermal Insulation of Refrigerators Trucks

With the arrival of the summer, cold chain logistics transport industry demand for refrigerated trucks gradually increased. Refrigerated trucks manufacturers in order to get the major cold chain logistics enterprises favor not only to do the right price, more importantly, to ensure that the refrigerated car refrigeration effect, reduce energy consumption and improve vehicle life.


To achieve this, not only do we need high-quality refrigeration units, but also need to improve the overall insulation of the envelope. How can we improve the insulation performance of refrigerated trucks? This issue will be small series from the refrigerator car plate material, internal structure and sealing performance and other aspects to explain to you.

The first major factor: cold storage car plate material vacuum insulation board insulation material new choice

At present, there are three kinds of insulation materials that are commonly used in China which are polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam and extruded polystyrene foam.


Polyurethane foam for refrigerator trucks

Polyurethane foam is the most widely used excellent insulation material. This material due to low thermal conductivity, good insulation properties, high strength, by the Henan ice bear, Zhenjiang Kangfei, Zhenjiang speeding and other well-known domestic refrigerated trucks business welcome. High-quality polyurethane foam density and bubble diameter are very small. Moreover, the polyurethane material is also suitable for a variety of system board technology, such as injection-type foam, bonding, spraying and so on.


Polystyrene foam for refrigerator trucks

Polystyrene foam is a polystyrene resin as a raw material of a thermal insulation material. The foam quality loose, good insulation properties, small water absorption, low temperature performance, easy to cut, but only the use of bonding process to produce refrigerated car insulation. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, this material is basically abandoned. Some small factories in the country, in order to save costs, still use this material. Compared with the polyurethane material, polystyrene to achieve the same insulation effect, insulation material thickness of at least 20% increase. The thickness increases, and consequently the increase in the quality of the refrigerated truck, the quality of the load is reduced and the energy consumption is improved.

Extruded polystyrene foam is extruded by polystyrene resin and the corresponding additives. This kind of insulation material is similar to the honeycomb structure, the thickness is uniform, does not appear the gap and the fracture gap phenomenon. Extrusion of polyethylene material with high compressive strength, thermal conductivity and low water absorption, long life and other advantages.

In addition, the recent development of a new insulation material - Vacuum Insulation Panel, better insulation, and the installation process more environmentally friendly energy. At present, this material production technology in foreign countries has been quite mature.

The second major factor: the internal structure of the ventilation tank design to improve the cycle speed

In most of the impressions, the interior of the refrigerated compartment is smooth and smooth. In fact, the high-end refrigerated trucks inside the product body structure is not only uneven and also quite complex. June 14-16 this year, held in Shanghai, the Asian fresh distribution exhibition, cold storage box and refrigerated trucks in the internal structure of a lot of places worthy of peer reference.


To suite the inner struture of a refrigerator truck, we developed VIPs with grooves.Perfectly fit the slots on the inner surface of trucks.

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