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Vacuum Cleaner Motor Bearings

Vacuum motor bearings consist of inner ring, outer ring, steel ball, cage, dust cover andO-ring. The inner diameter of the inner ring is provided with an inner ring channel, the outer diameter of the outer ring is provided with an outer ring channel, a steel ball is arranged between the outer ring channel and the inner ring channel, and the steel ball is fixed on the cage. O-ring is installed on the outer groove of the outer ring. 

In order to make the bearings comply with the performance requirements of the main bearing factory of the vacuum cleaner motor, the quality control of the super-precision grinding wheel in the inner and outer rings is strengthened. 

The complete set, the cleaning, the grease injection and the gland are automatically combined and automatically cleaned with grease capper. The bearing assembly workshop using the temperature, dust-free, clean environment, thus ensuring the bearing low friction and high efficiency vacuum motor bearings customer's request.

This bearing structure design is reasonable, high precision, friction, flexibility, high reliability; suitable for low friction and high vacuum motor spindle requirements and structural improvements of similar products.

BJS bearings are widely used in office equipment (printers, copiers), air conditioning motors, vacuum cleaner motors, various household appliances, automobiles, low noise motors and other fine components due to their small vibration, low noise and high performance. High-speed long-life, power tools, telecommunications equipment and sports equipment, textile machinery.