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Vacuum Insulation Panel (STP)


Basic Info.


Model NO.:BJS-006


Material:glass fiber




Diameter:10-40mm Thickness


Apparent Density:200~360kg/M3


Surface Treatment:Vacuum Packing


Usage:Exterior Tiles






Specification:L*W*H: 600*400*10~40MM




Product Description

    BJS® vacuum insulation panels (VIP for short), originated from space technology, Environmentally friendly, high efficiency, energy saving, currently the most advanced efficient thermal insulation material in the world.
The vacuum insulation panel(VIP) is vacuum forming panel for heat insulation, which inner core materials are sealed by the aluminum foil and high barrier film.
Effectively avoid air convective transfer, significantly reduce thermal conductivity, the minimum value  below 0.006 w/m.k.
Without any ODS materials(ozone depleting substances)
Material composition
The core material is Nano-grade fumed silica reinforced inorganic fiber, and added Aerogel, activation factors and other necessary ingredients.
The high barrier film is composted by PE films, aluminum foils and glass fiber layers.

VIP insuiation principle
Vacuum insulation:maximize internal vacuum degree andcompletely cut off air convection.
Conduction blocking:Nano-grade fumed silica with high thermai resistance ability can reduce heat conduction effectively.
Reflection absorption:aluminum foil material for the surface can reflect heat radiation,honeycomb structure of Nano-grade silica can absorb heat reflection.
Moisture-proof and seepage-proof:high barrier film can isolate air infiltration and moisture accumulation.

Application fields
Application fields,high-end devices,electric appliance fireproofing and insulation,refrigerators,freezers and other household appliances industry,reefer containers and cold storage system,integrated housing and building walls.